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American Legion Baseball

The American Legion is committed to America's youth and that is why we have sponsored American Legion Baseball since 1925. The goals of American Legion Baseball are the development of team discipline, individual character and leadership development qualities in young people. American Legion Baseball is the oldest and largest, nationwide, baseball program in America. American Legion Baseball became a National program in 1925. Over ten million teenagers have played American Legion Baseball since its inception. The first National Championship tournament was held in 1926. In 1998, 5,083 teams were registered for National tournament play.

How to Participate in Legion Baseball
With an alumni base that includes more than half of current Major League Baseball players, American Legion Baseball is one of the most prominent and tradition-rich amateur athletic leagues in existence.

The program is always growing, and participation is easy.

About 5,000 teams compete each year, so there’s ample opportunity for new players to join, and for coaches who want to start a team. The league also employs a large number of umpires and other volunteers.

To play:

Contact your local Legion post. Look for the address and phone number in the local White Pages or at www.legion.org/baseball. Click on "Find a Post" and fill in your city, state and ZIP code. Players can only sign up for the post that is the shortest driving distance from their residence.

However, some exceptions exist. A player whose parents are living separately can declare either parent’s home as his main residence. Additionally, a player who is attending a private school has the option of enrolling with the post closest to his school; in this situation, a Team Declaration Form (Form 77) must be filled out.

Players who are cut from a team, or try out but don't make the roster, can play for the post that is the next-shortest driving distance from their residence. If a player doesn't make that team, he can try out with the next-closest post. He can continue until he finds a team to join.

Age eligibility chart

To coach:

Coaches who want to start a team should contact the department baseball chairman in their state. A full listing of chairmen can be found here. The department will send a new team packet, which includes copies of the state and national rules, insurance information and registration forms. A coach must first fill out a new team registration form. After that’s accepted, an American Legion Baseball registration form must be sent in for insurance purposes.

In 2012, coaches will be able to register online.

To umpire:

Usually, local umpire associations provide departments with umpires. Department chairmen can nominate umpires to officiate the national tournament. Umpires can also nominate each other.

To volunteer:

Legion Baseball can always use your help. Volunteers can serve in a variety of ways, ranging from statisticians to serving Gatorade during games.

For more information, contact your local post.

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