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Commanders Message

Department Commander David Woodward for 2018 –2019

Department Commander May Message

Hello All,

April has been a busy month starting with a Veterans Resolution on the State House floor April 2nd for awareness of the Veterans suicide issue (we are losing 20 Veterans a day to suicide) there was a pretty good turnout of Veterans from different VSO’s. Myself, Sr. Vice Larose, Sgt at Arms Stebbins, Boys State Chair Dave Cobb, Dept Historion Ray St John and Post 55 Adjutant June Kelly were present.

April 7th we held a DEC in Montpelier that was pretty uneventful, other than our Law Cadet Program being cancelled due to the unavailability of the facility where it is usually held. It looks like we may be able to work with the Department of New Hampshire and send cadets there.

April 8th I was at the town of Bennington for their select-board meeting. They had a resolution for Post 13 and their 100 years in the community of Bennington. April 9th there was another Resolution on the State House floor for The American Legion day in the State of Vermont.

April 10th-12th our National Commander was in VT, we took him around the State while he was here and we were able to meet with the Governor, visit several Posts, do a radio program and meet with the Chief of Police in Bennington (a former National Law Enforcement Officer for The American Legion) we then dropped him off in Massachusetts Friday morning.

April 13th-17th Shari and I were able to visit the Tampa Florida area for the Legionaries Insurance Trust Program. This program offers insurance to the Legion Family and some of the profits of those insurance plans are returned to the individual States based on plans purchased. Even if you do not purchase a plan, just signing up for the $1000 accidental death policy will award the State $1 per member. This program is now one and done, which means you only have to sign up once and it is good for life as long as you are a current member.

On April 23rd Ron LaRose and myself had the honor to award American Legion medals to 16 ROTC Cadets at Norwich University. I was able to speak with many of the Cadets that earned awards and I have to say I have great hope for the future.

I met PDC Royal Sheeley for dinner at J Claire Carmody Post 39 in Poultney, Friday, April 26th. This post has Friday night suppers every Friday of the year. If your in the area, you should attend, it helps the post stay vibrant in the community.

April 27th I was able to attend Crippen Fellows Post 50 in Castleton for their Birthday Dinner. I would like to thank the officers and membership for the invitation.

For God and Country,
David Woodward, Dept. Commander

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