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Commanders Message

Department Commander David Woodward for 2018 –2019

Department Commander February Message

Hello All,

I want to thank everyone that attended VT's mid-winter conference. We had a good turn out and I hope everyone had a good time and good Camaraderie with fellow American Legion family members. We had 30 posts in attendance, which is good for a Mid-Winter Conference, however if it were a Convention, we would not have had enough for a quorum. I hope more Posts will be able to attend our Convention June 29 in Burlington.

I wanted to thank all the chair people that had a presentation, Julianna Sheeley Cogswell for the rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, the Sojourners for their "Building the Flag" presentation, the Auxiliary jun­iors that did their presentation, the Posts that brought memberships for the Adjutant's Membership Challenge and money for my Commanders Project which is the VT Cancer Society. All funds raised for this cause will remain in the state of VT.

The US mint has begun striking three different American Legion coins January 31 and they will become available March 14, 2019. The price of the coins will be set at the time of sale to match current gold and silver prices. For more information go to https://www.legion.org/convention/243019/us-mint-unveils-legion-centennial-coin-designs. These coins are beautiful, collectible and will help fund American Legion programs.

I want to let everyone know that National Commander Brett Reistad will be arriving in VT the after­noon/evening of Sunday April 7th (Burlington) and departing the morning of Friday April 12th (Brattleboro). At this time, we are setting up functions, as soon as we have them all set, we will share times, and dates with everyone.

I also want to let everyone know that The American Legion Leading Candidate (Bill Oxford NC) has confirmed that he will be in VT the weekend of March 9th. At this time, HQ's does not yet know his arrival time/location or his departure time/location however~ we are planning to attend Bristol Post 19's Birthday party on the 9th. As soon as HQ's gets his confirmation of arrival and departure times we will set his schedule and let everyone know what that is.

To date our National membership goals have been met, however we all know that this is the time where things become difficult. We must continue to focus on membership, go door to door, look at our expired mem¬bers, set up membership teams, talk to people we meet in public that may be wearing veterans memorabilia, wear our own Legion memorabilia. Because membership is so vital to what we do, I am instituting a Com¬manders incentive. Anyone that recruits a new member after February 1st until May 1st that was not a member last year will be entered into a $250 drawing. While I believe in the whole American Legion family, the new member must be a Legionnaire; however, the recruiter does not need to be.

I challenge the Sons Commander and Auxiliary President to make the same challenge for their organizations. Below is the form to be filled out and sent to Dept. If you recruit someone and complete the online form, be sure to fill out the part of the form below.

For God and Country,

David Woodward
Department Commander

New member Drawing Coupon (print neatly)
New Members Name ___________________________________
New members post #____________ Recruiters Post#____________
Recruiter's name ______________ Membership #_________________
Post online transmittal invoice number and date ______________

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